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Peter Laing 15mm ID post # 3

Before I add them to my online catalogue,

here are some more of my “best guess” so far Peter Laing IDs for your comment – feedback always welcome.

First some cavalry:

Indian Mutiny 6000 range mounted figures?

Figure 1 – Indian Mutiny

Figure 1: M6001 British cavalry or M6002 British volunteer cavalry ?
Figure 2: Indian Mutiny? M6003 Indian Native Cavalry ?
Figure 3: Indian Mutiny? M6004 Indian mutineer cavalry?

Figure 4: M6001 British cavalry or M6002 British volunteer cavalry ?

Further mounted figures

Figure 5: WW1 A716 Bedouin on camel??
Figure 6: Feudal Dark Age range? M204 Armoured Saracen cavalry, standard?

Figure 7: Renaissance F5012 Turkish Azab shield and spear?

Figure 8: Renaissance range: F5019 English Pikeman? Or F5018 English infantryman with short pike?

Figure 9- Samurai range? F9003 Ashigaru spearman?

Compare this to John the Wargaming Hermit’s Samurai figure post

Figure 10 – Possibly a naval Figure, bell bottoms and all ? Colonial range?

Figure 11 – My sole “Angry Fieldmouse” Peter Laing elephant. Ancient Range? A421 armoured elephant and howdah?

Figure 12 – WW1 Bedouin Cavalry? M712

These are my best guesses so far – I would welcome your comments and ID of these figures.

Peter Laing catalogue pages with figure listings on each range can be found via my front page. Thank you!

More figures to come in my next ID post.

Blog post by Mark Man of TIN, 9 November 2021

By 26soldiersoftin

Hello I'm Mark Mr MIN, Man of TIN. Based in S.W. Britain, I'm a lifelong collector of "tiny men" and old toy soldiers, whether tin, lead or childhood vintage 1960s and 1970s plastic figures.
I randomly collect all scales and periods and "imagi-nations" as well as lead civilians, farm and zoo animals. I enjoy the paint possibilities of cheap poundstore plastic figures as much as the patina of vintage metal figures.
Befuddled by the maths of complex boardgames and wargames, I prefer the small scale skirmish simplicity of very early Donald Featherstone rules.
To relax, I usually play solo games, often using hex boards. Gaming takes second place to making or convert my own gaming figures from polymer clay (Fimo), home-cast metal figures of many scales or plastic paint conversions. I also collect and game with vintage Peter Laing 15mm metal figures, wishing like many others that I had bought more in the 1980s ...

2 replies on “Peter Laing 15mm ID post # 3”

Okay – here are my opinions on these figures:
Figure 1 – Actually a rather nice conversion (I agree for the Indian Mutiny) – but underneath I believe that it is actually a Crimean British figure, probably M0803 – British Light Dragoon charging. I cannot be completely certain as the Hussar, Light Dragoon and Heavy Dragoon from this range are the same base figure but with different headgear!
Figure 2 – Is M0601 – Indian Cavalry, from the Colonial range
Figure 3 – I believe is M0008 – Turkish Cavalry with lance, from the Napoleonic range
Figure 4 – Another nice conversion, likewise I would say for Indian Mutiny, but ‘under the bonnet’ it is actually M0701 – British Lancer, from the WW1 range
Figure 5 – Agreed, A0716
Figure 6 – Not sure (I have the same figure, but as part of a ‘job lot’) – could also be M5002 – Turkish Spahi or M5003 – Turkish Akinji, both from the Renaissance range
Figure 7 – Agreed, F5012
Figure 8 – Not sure, but as you say probably F5019. I suspect not F5018 as that figure would have had a ‘cast on’ short pike
Figure 9 – Not sure, but I would likewise go with F9003
Figure 10 – A6005, British Naval Brigade Seaman from the Indian Mutiny range
Figure 11 – Agreed, A0421
Figure 12 – Agreed, M0712
Hope that helps!


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