Peter Laing 15mm Napoleonic

A mixture of Belgic Shako (side plume) and Stovepipe Shako (front plume) in these my British Infantry sample figures painted c. 1984/5. I didn’t pick up any more for another 30+ years.

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F1 British infantry advancing, Belgic Shako (BS)

F2 British infantry firing, Belgic Shako (BS)

F3 British infantry kneeling on guard, Belgic Shako (BS)

F4 British infantry drummer, Belgic Shako (BS)

F5 British infantry standard bearer, Belgic Shako (BS)

F6 British infantry officer, Belgic Shako (BS)

The Belgic Shako had the plume at the side, a short lived design fir a couple of years 1812-1816 but covering the Waterloo period.

The Belgic shako proved to be a very short-lived design.  It was replaced by a totally new style in 1816.  Due to the two year life expectancy of shakos, there were some regiments that still hadn’t received the 1812 Belgic Shako model by the time of Waterloo.


French Napoleonic infantry, sample figures painted by me c. 1984/5

Seen from left F7, F10, F11, F9, F8

F7 French infantry advancing, shako, plume (SP)

F8 French infantry firing, shako, plume (SP)

F9 French infantry drummer, shako, plume (SP)

F10 French infantry standard bearer, shako, plume (SP)

F11 French officer, shako, plume (SP)


Napoleonic Prussians, painted by me c. 1984/5 – sample figures

Seen from left, F13, F12, F15, F16

F12 Prussian infantry advancing

F13 Prussian infantry drummer

F14 Prussian infantry officer

F15 Prussian landwehr advancing

F16 Prussian landwehr firing


F17 British infantry advancing, Stovepike Shako (SS)

F18 British infantry firing, Stovepike Shako (SS)

F19 British infantry kneeling on guard, Stovepike Shako (SS)

F20 British infantry drummer, Stovepike Shako (SS)

F21 British infantry standard bearer, Stovepike Shako (SS)

F22 British infantry officer, Stovepike Shako (SS)

The Stovepipe Shako had its plume at the front and was in use from 1800 to 1812, when it began to be replaced by the side plumed Belgic Shako.


French Napoleonic infantry painted by me c. 1984/5

Seen from left, F23, F10, M2 Napoleon

F23 French Imperial guardsman advancing


F24 British Rifleman

F25 British Rifle officer


F26 French infantry advancing, bicorn

F27 French officer, bicorn

F28 French standard bearer, bicorn

F29 French drummer, bicorn

F30 French infantry advancing, casquette

F31 French drummer, casquette


F32 British infantry advancing, top hat

F33 British officer, top hat

F34 British drummer, top hat

F35 British infantry advancing, broad brimmed hat

F36 British officer, broad brimmed hat

F37 British Sailor with Cutlass

F38 British naval officer

F39 British marine advancing


F40 Bombay sepoy

F41 Bombay sepoy grenadier

F42 Turkish musketeer

F43 Turkish swordsman

F44 Turkish standard bearer

The swordsman and standard bearer figure painted by Barry Carter can be seen on Bob Cordery’s blog Peter Laing post:


F45 Oarsman

F46 Seated French infantryman (bicorn)

F47 Seated British infantryman with top hat

F48 Seated British infantryman with Stovepipe shako


Napoleonic Mounted figures

M1 Wellington or Mounted General

M2 Napoleon mounted

M3 British household cavalry

M4 French cavalry with bicorn

M5 French hussar

M6 French dragoon

M7 British light dragoon

M8 Turkish cavalry with lance

M9 Turkish cavalry with sword

M10 French dromedarie


Napoleonic artillery

A1 Mounted RHA rocket trooper

A2 Dismounted RHA gunner

A3 Rocket on Launcher

A4 Horse Gunner with Sponge

A5 French field gun

A6 Gunner with sponge

A7 Gunner with Cannon ball

A8 Gunner with bucket

A9 Gunner with portfire


A10 Turkish gunner with sponge

A11 Turkish gunner with portfire

These Turkish artillery figures can be seen on Bob Cordery’s Peter Laing post:

Suitable items from other ranges

Crimean highlanders painted as a youngster c. 1984/5, obviously with a betters old big brush – those cross belts are in need of a little tidying!

Left to right – F811, F813, F810, F812

F810 Highland Infantry advancing

F811 Highland drummer

F810 Highland officer

F810 Highland Standard bearer