Welcome to my Peter Laing 15mm Collection

This blog is about collecting Peter Laing figures – possibly the first 15mm figures produced back in late 1972 – and about my own collection of Peter Laing figures, slowly collected since first sending off my pocket money as a youngster to Peter Laing c. 1982/3. I still have these figures, my first ‘grown up’ metal figures. Like many amongst the small and faithful band of Peter Laing collectors, I wished I had bought more at the time. Over the last ten years since being online, I have collected more Peter Laing figures from job lots and online sales. Sadly the range has been out of production since Peter Laing retired c. 1990s and the late John Mitchell (d.2016) briefly took the stock and moulds over. The moulds have long vanished, despite several efforts to track them down by Ian Dury, myself and others. Peter Laing never produced an illustrated catalogue, so I have started photographing my own collection. They are listed range by range, period by period. I rely on the knowledge of my fellow Peter Laing collectors for ID of unusual figures.
Some of my 15mm Peter Laing English Civil War figures painted c. 1983, finally based in 2019!
Loved the flags – my Peter Laing 15mm English Civil War unit flags painted c. 1983
What’s in the painting queue? Peter Laing 15mm figures
Peter Laing 15mm Civilians – Late Victorian Parade range