Peter Laing 15mm Renaissance

F5003 Landsknecht pikeman

Thanks to Derek Moore, Ian Dury, John P the Wargame Hermit and other members of the Peter Laing circle on MeWe for contributing photos and identification of figures I didn’t have. Duly credited.

F5001 Landsknecht halberdier

F5002 Landsknecht, 2 handed sword

F5003 Landsknecht pikeman

F5004 Landsknecht arquebusier

F5005 Landsknecht officer

F5006 Landsknecht Standard Bearer

F5007 Landsknecht Drummer


F5008 Turkish janissary, spear

F5009 Turkish janissary arquebusier

F5010 Turkish solack archer

F5011 Turkish peik axeman

F5012 Turkish azab, spear and sword

F5013 Turkish azab arquebusier


F5014 Wallachian infantry, spear

F5015 Wallachian infantry, sword


F5016 English billman

F5017 English arquebusier

F5018 English infantryman, short pike

F5019 English pikeman

F5020 English bowman

F5021 English Yeoman of the Guard

F5022 English officer


F5023 does not exist?


The following range were identified and photographed by Derek Moore and John Ptrqn the Wargame Hermit.

F5024 Spanish pikeman

F5025 Spanish sword and bucket man

F5026 Spanish crossbowman

F5027 Spanish arquebusier


The Spanish Renaissance figures had a dual use, from the Armada and European campaigns to the conquest of South America, privateers, piracy and the gold trade.


F5028 Aztec Eagle warrior

F5029 Aztec Jagaur warrior

F5030 Aztec archer

F5031 Aztec spearman

F5032 Aztec slinger

F5033 Aztec eagle captain

F5034 Aztec jaguar captain

F5035 Tlaxcalan infantryman

F5036 Tlaxcalan captain

F5037 Tlaxcalan porter

F5038 Inca warrior

F5039 Chinchaysuyu warrior

F5040 Chimor warrior

F5041 Quechua slinger

F5042 Maya Slinger

F5043 Maya Warrior


*** Many of the unpainted sample castings for the Spanish, Aztec Inca and Mayan ranges can be seen on John The Wargame Hermit’s blog


Mounted Renaissance 5000 range

M5001 Landsknecht mounted officer

M5002 Turkish spahi

M5003 Turkish akinji

M5004 Turkish aga, janissary commander

M5005 Mounted Arquebusier

M5006 “German” type knight

M5007 Wallachian knight

M5008 Wallachian light cavalry

M5009 Mounted English knight

M5010 English demi lancer

M5011 Border lancer

M5012 Mounted Reiter

M5013 Mounted Spanish knight


Renaissance Artillery 5000 range

A5001 Culverin type gun

A5002 Cannon type gun

A5003 Landsknecht gunner, sponge

A5004 Landsknecht gunner, port fire

A5005 Turkish gunner

A5006 Cannon

A5007 English gunner, sponge

A5008 English gunner, portfire


Suitable items from other ranges

F919 Peasant with pitchfork

F920 Peasant with scythe

A921 Sheep standing

A922 Sheep grazing