Peter Laing 15mm Franco-Prussian War

F8001 French Imperial guardsman advancing (bearskin)

F8002 French Imperial guardsman advancing (forage cap)

F8003 French sailor / marine advancing

F8004 French officer advancing

F8005 French ‘Franc Tireur’

F8006 French Cantiniere


F8007 Prussian infantry advancing

F8008 Bavarian infantry advancing

F8009 Prussian officer advancing

F8010 Bavarian officer

F8011 Austrian infantry advancing

F8012 Austrian infantry officer


M8001 Prussian cuirassier charging

M8002 Prussian Uhlan charging


A8001 Prussian field gun


Suitable items from other ranges

F814 French infantry advancing (tall kepi)

F815 French drummer (tall kepi)

F816 French officer (tall kepi)

F817 French standard bearer (tall kepi)

F818 French Zouave advancing

F707 French infantry advancing (short kepi)

F726 Prussian jaeger advancing

F721 French Colonial advancing


M607 Draught horse

M702 French cuirassier (cut away lance)

M703 Prussian dragoon (cut away lance)

M704 French hussar (cut away lance)

For artillery riders use M703 and M704 with lances cut away

M706 Prussian hussar (cut away lance)

M806 French chasseur d’Afrique