Peter Laing 15mm Indian Mutiny

F6001 British infantry advancing

F6002 Highland infantry advancing

F6003 British officer advancing

F6004 Sepoy (trousers) advancing

F6005 Sepoy (dhoti) advancing (mutineer)

F6006 Ghurkha advancing

F6007 Sikh advancing

F6008 Dogra infantry advancing

F6009 Memsahib (European woman)


M6001 British cavalry

M6002 British volunteer cavalry

M6003 Indian native cavalry

M6004 Indian (muleteer) cavalry

M6005 British mounted gunner


A6001 British gunner, portfire

A6002 British gunner, sponge

A6003 Indian mutineer gunner, sponge

A6004 Indian mutineer gunner, portfire

A6005 British Naval Brigade seaman

A6006 Draught elephant

A6007 Limber for A6006

A6008 Camel with highlander and Indian mahout

A6009 Camel with holder


Interesting conversions?

Indian Mutiny era cavalry from M701 WW1 British lancer?

Beautifully painted conversion bought in a job lot