Peter Laing 15mm Ancients – Foot figures

“This range covers a wide range of armies, Egyptian, Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Rep[ublican] Roman, Carthaginian, Imperial Roman, Gallic, Pictish, British, Franks, Sassanid, Byzantine, Goth, Vandal and Hun are represented.

In the following list, most of the figures are grouped together, but some later introductions are out of sequence, so it is worth a browse right through!

It is naturally difficult to cover every army type, but I have tried to give a good representative range to enable satisfactory games to be played.

In 15mm scale it is possible, by judicious use of paint, to vary one figure to represent various army types, and of course the file and the knife can extend the utility of a figure even further. At the end of the Ancient section are listed a few suggestions.”

Please note: Laing Ancients Cavalry and Artillery figures are separately listed on another blog page.

Some further foot figures as dual use items are suggested here:

Greeks and Persians

F401 Greek Hoplite – pin supplied for spear

F402 Persian Immortal

F403 Mede Infantry

F404 Persian Infantry with spear

F405 Greek archer

F406 Thracian peltast with spear

F407 Greek gymnet

F408 Persian archer

F409 Greek slinger

F410 Greek javelinman

F411 Spartan hoplite – pin supplied for spear

F412 Theban hoplite – pin supplied for spear



F413 Assyrian archer

F414 Assyrian shield bearer

F415 Assyrian Heavy Infantry

F416 Assyrian Light Infantry


Imperial Romans

F417 Imperial Roman Legionary marching

Photographs of Laing Imperial Roman figures painted by the late Stuart Asquith, now in my collection, singly rebased for skirmish games.

F418 Imperial Roman standard

F419 Imperial Roman trumpeter

F420 Imperial Roman centurion marching

F421 Imperial Roman legionary standing

F422 Imperial Roman centurion standing


F423 Gallic chieftain, standard

F424 British chieftain

F425 Gallic Infantry, raised spear

F426 Gallic Infantry marching

F427 Gallic musician


F428 Pictish spearman

F429 Pictish archer

F430 Pictish javelin man


F431 Frankish spearman

F432 Frankish axeman


F433 Phrygian spearman

F434 Phrygian axeman


Republican Romans

F435 Republican Roman hastatus

F436 Republican Roman princeps

F437 Republican Roman velite

F438 Republican Roman standard



F439 Carthaginian citizen spearman

F440 Carthaginian standard

F441 Libyan spearman

F442 Libyan javelinman

F443 Numidian javelinman

F444 Spanish caetratus

F445 Spanish scutarius



F446 Egyptian heavy Infantry spearman

F447 Light Infantry (Egyptian)

F448 Egyptian light archer

F449 Egyptian Officer

F450 Egyptian phalanx spearman

F451 Sherden (sea pirate)

F452 Nubian archer

F453 Nubian spearman

F454 Peleset light Infantry

F455 Egyptian spearman with shield

F456 Egyptian heavy Infantry, poleaxe


F457 Kharu auxiliary

F458 Hittite axeman

F459 Hittite guardsman

F460 Hittite spearman

F461 Hittite archer


F462 Assyrian slinger

F463 Assyrian auxiliary archer

F464 Persian Infantry, shield and sword

F465 Sassanid levy spearman

F466 Sassanid standard

F467 Sassanid Officer

F468 Sassanid mercenary slinger

F469 Sassanid archer

F470 Sassanid mercenary archer

F471 Sassanid mercenary javelinman



F472 Byzantine standard

F473 Byzantine officer

F474 Byzantine heavy Infantry spearman

F475 Byzantine light archer

F476 Byzantine staff slinger

F477 Byzantine javelinman thrower

F478 Byzantine archer


F479 Goth \ Vandal medium Infantry

F480 Goth \ Vandal, oval shield

F481 Goth \ Vandal, round shield

F482 Goth \ Vandal archer


F483 Macedonian phalangite – pin supplied for spear

F484 Mercenary peltast with thureos

F485 Thracian peltast with rhomphia


F486 Imperial Roman auxiliary with oval shield


Dual use items – Peter Laing suggestions – foot figures

F901 Cretan archer (cut down bow) – fromMedieval 900 series longbowman shooting

F916 Unarmoured slinger without shield – from Medieval 900 series slinger

F409 Balearic or British slinger – from 400 Series Ancients Greek slinger

F476 Greek staff slinger – from 400 Series Byzantine staff slinger

F477 Agrianian javelinman – From 400 Series Byzantine javelin



Peter Laing Ancients series adverts from April /May 1973

The Ancients 400 series emerged slowly in sections over several years.

Donald Featherstone mentions the first few Greek and Persian figures in his figure review April 1973

Image source: Wargamers Newsletter 134, May 1973

Romans, Gallic Warriors and Assyrians had appeared by June 1974

More Egyptians, Hittites arrived in April 1976


Peter Laing Ancients range weblinks and blogposts

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