Peter Laing WW1 – mounted, vehicles and artillery

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John P The Wargame Hermit has a useful unpacking Laing WW1 sample page

WW1 Mounted figure range

Early war / Pre Steel helmet era – F701-F728, M701-M706, A702-A711

M701 British lancer

M702 French dragoon

M703 German lancer

M704 French hussar

M705 Belgian cavalry

M706 German hussar


M707-M709 Steel Helmet era

M707 British cavalry, steel helmet

M708 French cavalry, steel helmet

M709 German cavalry, steel helmet


M710 British cavalry, tropical helmet

M711 Anzac cavalry, slouch hat

M712 Bedouin cavalry

M713 Turkish cavalry

M714 Russian cavalry

M715 Russian Cossack

M716 Italian light cavalryman

M717 Austrian dragoon

M718 Polish cavalry charging


Peter Laing notes in his ‘suitable items from other ranges’ that “Cavalry horses with lances cut off make suitable Artillery horses with riders


WW1 Artillery range

A701 British 18 pdr. Field gun

Early war / Pre Steel helmet era – F701-F728, M701-M706, A702-A711

A702 British gunner kneeling

A703 British gunner kneeling, shell

A704 British officer kneeling, field glasses

A705 British gunner seated for A701


A706 French gunner kneeling

A707 French gunner kneeling, shell

A708 French 75mm field gun


A709 German 7.7cm field gun

A710 German gunner kneeling

A711 German gunner kneeling, shell


A712 Mk. IV male tank

A713 Mk. IV female tank

A714 Renault tank

A715 Rolls Royce armoured car

A716 Bedouin on camel


A717 – A722 Steel helmet era

A717 British gunner kneeling, steel helmet

A718 British gunner kneeling, shell, steel helmet


A719 French gunner kneeling, steel helmet

A720 French gunner kneeling with shell, steel helmet


A721 German gunner kneeling, steel helmet

A722 German gunner kneeling, shell, steel helmet


A723 Anzac gunner kneeling, slouch hat

A724 Anzac gunner kneeling with shell, slouch hat


A725 Turkish gunner kneeling

A726 Turkish gunner kneeling with shell


A727 Russian gunner kneeling

A728 Russian gunner kneeling with shell

A729 Russian Putilov field gun


A730 British 6 inch howitzer


A731 Austrian gunner kneeling

A732 Austrian gunner kneeling with shell


A733 Stokes Mortar

A734 British mortar crewman, steel helmet

A735 Minnenwerfer

A736 German mortar crewman (cap)

A736 can be seen here


A737 Motor Lorry

A738 British driver

A739 French driver

A740 German driver

A741 Seated British waggon driver


A742 Despatch rider

A743 British stretcher bearer(s) and casualty

A744 British sapper, shovel, steel helmet

A745 Staff Car

A746 Staff car driver

A747 Seated officer


A748 Soviet gunner kneeling with shell, pointed cap

A748 Soviet gunner kneeling, fur hat