Peter Laing 15mm Colonials

Foot Figures – 600

F601 British infantry marching

F602 Highlander marching

F603 British infantry advancing

F604 Highlander advancing

F605 British officer marching

F606 Highland bagpiper marching

F607 British infantry standing, firing

F608 Highlander standing, firing

F609 British officer standing

F610 Boer standing firing

F611 Boer lying, firing

F612 Dervish Jihadia rifleman

F613 Fuzzy Wuzzy with sword

F614 Pathan standing, firing

F615 Pathan on guard

F616 Zulu marching

F617 Zulu rifleman, firing

F618 Zulu rifleman, advancing

F619 Zulu lying, firing

F620 Zulu advancing, raised assegai

F621 Pathan kneeling, firing

F622 Boer advancing, rifle at trail

F623 British bugler, standing

F624 British officer firing revolver

F625 British infantry kneeling, firing

F626 Zulu running

F627 Fuzzy Wuzzy with spear

“Fuzzy-Wuzzy” was the term used by British soldiers for Beja warriors who were supporting the r. F. Mahdi of Sudan in the Mahdist War. The term relates to the elaborate tiffa hair style favoured by the Hadendoa tribe, a subdivision of the Beja people.

F628 Dervish or Boxer with spear

F629 Dervish or Boxer with raised sword

F630 Egyptian / Sudanese Infantry marching (Askari)

F631 Egyptian / Sudanese infantry firing (Askari)

F632 Indian sepoy marching

F633 Indian sepoy standing, firing

F634 Gurkha marching

F635 British infantry lying, firing

F636 Naval rating standing, firing

F637 Naval officer

F638 Naval rating advancing, straw hat

F639 British drummer


F640 Boxer, halberd

F641 Boxer with rifle, advancing

F642 Boxer with rifle, firing

F643 Imperial Chinese infantry advancing

F644 US infantry advancing

F645 Italian Bersaglieri advancing

F646 Italian Bersaglieri officer

F647 French infantry advancing

F648 Japanese infantry advancing

F649 Japanese officer

F650 Indian Sepoy advancing

F651 French Foreign Legion advancing


Mounted Figures – 600

M601 British lancer charging

M602 British cavalry horse walking

M603 Mounted Boer

M604 Boer leading pony

M605 Imperial Yeomanry

M606 Artillery horse with rider

M607 Artillery horse without rider

M608 Dervish armoured cavalry

M609 Egyptian / Sudanese cavalry

M610 Indian cavalry

M611 Japanese cavalry

M612 Chinese regular cavalry


Artillery – 600

A601 2.5 Inch R.M.L. mountain gun

A602 British gunner kneeling, ram

A603 British gunner, kneeling

A604 British gunner, field glasses

A605 British heliographer

A606 Gatling gun

A607 Seated Gatling gunner

A608 Standing Gatling gunner

A609 15 pdr. field gun

A610 Limber

A611 Seated gunner for limber

A612 British gunner, handspike

A613 British gunner, shell

A614 Egyptian / Sudanese Camel Corps

A615 British Camel Corps

A616 Gardner Gun

A617 Naval gunner, crouching

A618 Naval gunner, standing

A619 Maxim gun cart

A620 Maxim gunner

A621 Indian gunner, kneeling

A622 Indian gunner kneeling with ram

A623 British Muleteer

A624 Indian Muleteer

A625 Pack mule – also see A623 and A624 above

A626 Wheel carrying mule – also see A623 above


Suitable items from other ranges

F628 Boxer with spear

F629 Boxer with sword

F630 Askari

F631 Askari

F632 Askari

F638 HM First Chinese Regiment

F709 French Officer N. Africa

F759 Russian Infantry advancing

F760 Russian officer

F763 German Infantry, East Asia Brigade

F764 German officer

F765 German / Austrian seaman

F767 Native bearer

F758 Bedouin infantry advancing

F8003 French sailor advancing

F3004 US officer


M611 French cavalry N. Africa

M806 French chasseur d’Afrique

M712 Bedouin cavalry

M714 Russian cavalry

M715 Russian Cossack


A406 Dervish camel lancer

A412 Draught ox

A3001 Army covered wagon

A3002 Settlers covered wagon

A03 Rocket

A6006 Draught elephant

A6007 Limber for above A6006

A6009 Camel with holder

A920 Pack camel

A7006 G.S. Wagon

A7007 Ambulance

A7008 Pontoon

A7009 Pontoon wagon