Peter Laing 15mm American War of Independence

Grid Based Wargaming blog shows off an excellent AWI Collection and Wargames at:

Alec Green sent me this useful photo to share of his AWI figures.

Foot figures – 300 range

F301 Standard bearer

F302 Grenadier drummer

F303 Line company drummer

F304 Line company officer marching

F305 Grenadier officer marching

F306 Private line company marching

F307 Grenadier marching

F308 Private light company marching

F309 Highland line company marching

F310 Highland grenadier company marching

F311 Highlander, leggings, marching

F312 Hessian grenadier marching

F313 Officer line company standing

F314 Private line company standing

F315 Grenadier standing

F316 Private light company standing

F317 Grenadier officer standing

F318 Highland line company standing

F319 Highland grenadier company standing

F320 Highlander, leggings, standing

F321 Rifleman, hunting shirt, standing

F322 Rifleman, hunting shirt, firing

F323 Indian scout, rifle at trail


M301 Light dragoon, walking

M302 Mounted Officer


Artillery items – see Marlburian range