Peter Laing 15mm English Civil War and Scots -Link Range

My first Peter Laing army from 1983 which I still have today, still finishing and basing some ‘regiments’ even now forty years later.

Peter Laing advert for ECW Range and Montrose’s Army – Scots of the Link Range

I added the Scottish figures for the ’15 and the ’45 Risings. The 1000 Link Range.

Another favourite Laing figure, F503 musketeer in hat marching which I painted c. 1983, rebased 2016

Click on the links for pictures of figures

ECW Foot Figures

F501 Musketeer in hat firing

F502 Pikeman in helmet, repel cavalry

F503 Musketeer in hat marching – pictured above

F504 Standard Bearer

F505 Standing Drummer in hat

F506 Pikemen in hat standing

F507 Musketeer in hat loading

F508 Pikemen in helmet standing

F509 Pikeman in helmet marching

F510 Officer, partisan

F511 Officer, drawn sword

F512 Scots Musketeer Firing

F513 Peasant, cudgel

F514 Peasant, billhook

F515 Dismounted dragoon firing

F516 Dragoon horse holder

F517 Musketeer in helmet firing

F518 Pikeman in helmet, ‘charge your pike’

F519 Dismounted General


Mounted ECW figures

M501 Mounted trooper in helmet

M502 Mounted cuirassier

M503 Mounted trooper in hat trotting

M504 Mounted armoured lancer

M505 Mounted trumpeter in helmet

M506 Mounted standard bearer in hat

M507 Mounted Dragoon

M508 Riderless Horse for F516

M509 Trooper in hat, horse walking

M510 Mounted officer in hat

M511 Mounted officer in helmet


ECW Artillery

A501 Culverin

A502 6pdr cannon or Saker

A503 Gunner with hand spike

A504 Gunner with sponge

A505 Gunner with bucket

A506 Gunner with port fire


Link Range 1000 series Montrose ECW – Marlburian – 1715, 1745

Foot Figures

F1001 Highlander, Lochaber Axe – see above

1002 Highland Chieftain

F1003 Highland Piper

F1004 Highland Drummer – see above

F1005 Highland Standard Bearer – see above

F1006 Highland Clansman with Claymore

F1007 Lowland Musketeer on guard

F1008 Highlander advancing

F1009 Highlander firing

F1010  Lowland Musketeer Firing