Some Peter Laing adverts

Peter Laing first advertised his 15mm Marlburian figures in the October / November 1972 issue of Military Modelling.

Image source of this first 1972 advert: Ian Dury

From Military Modelling Wargames Manual 1982/3

I like this advert (below) with the confident strap line “I do not guarantee they win wargames but they do put up a good show!”

Again Military Modelling early 1980s advert surrounded by my ECW figures


Military Modelling magazine adverts

More Peter Laing ads if you scroll down this post …


Wargamers’ Newsletter – Donald Featherstone

Wargamers’ Newsletter early / first mentions of Peter Laing from No. 129, December 1972

Great early review of the first Laing Marlburian 100 series by Donald Featherstone, February 1973 (ignore the mistaken date in the URL link) !

Throughout 1973 new figure ranges are added – Feudal 200 Series, AWI 300 series, Ancients 400 series …

And the English Civil War 500 series is announced July August 1973

Colonials 600 series is announced October 1973

Colonials – and some cheeky and unusual arguments (to your little woman!) about the space and money saving benefits of 15mm figures for Christmas – December 1973

January 1974 Colonials 600 series advert and April 1974 WW1 700 series announced:

March 1974 Colonials 600 series advert and ECW 500 series:

Crimean War 800 series, WW1 collection and harsh review of the horses by Donald Featherstone here, June 1974:

August 1974 advert states the Peter Laing range is now over 330 items:

March 1975 advert saw the new Medieval 900 series and the useful Scots of the Link series (1000 series):

By mid 1976 the Napoleonic Range had been introduced at last along with ECW Dragoons, Link 7YW items etc

1977 saw release of the WW2 platoon level 2000 series and John Mitchell Card Buildings:

Christmas 1977 another amusing advert about the lack of a Peter Laing Fantasy Range:

November 1979 – further additions to the WW1 700 series, including Middle East operations – it now covers early war soft hat, steel helmet mid to late war and tanks!