Peter Laing 15mm Crimean War

There are several references to this unusual Crimean 800 series produced quite early on by Peter Laing in Donald Featherstone’s Wargamers Newsletter, such as this mention in May 1979.

See also my Some Peter Laing adverts blog page for more details of who and how this was suggested by Ian McLellan and the Southeast Scotland Wargamers Group.

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Crimean 800 range foot figures

F801 British infantry advancing, Albert Shako

F802 British infantry drummer, Albert Shako

F803 British infantry officer, Albert Shako

F804 British standard bearer, Albert Shako

F805 British infantry, pork pie hat

F806 British guardsmen advancing

F807 British guards drummer

F808 British guards officer

F809 British guards standard bearer

Crimean highlanders painted as a youngster c. 1984/5 – those cross belts are in need of tidying!

Left to right – F811, F813, F810, F812

F810 Highland Infantry advancing

F811 Highland drummer

F812 Highland officer

F813 Highland Standard bearer


F814 French infantry advancing

F815 French infantry drummer

F816 French officer

F817 French standard bearer

F818 French Zouave advancing


F819 Turkish infantry advancing

F820 Turkish officer


F821 Russian infantry advancing, helmet

F822 Russian infantry drummer, helmet

F823 Russian infantry officer, helmet Russian infantry

F824 Russian infantry advancing, cap

F825 Russian standard bearer

F826 Caucasian infantry advancing


Mounted Crimean figures 800 series

M801 British hussar charging

M802 British lancer, charging

M803 British light dragoon charging

M804 British heavy dragoon charging

M805 Scots Greys charging

M806 French Chasseur d’ Afrique

M807 Russian hussar charging

M808 Russian lancer charging

M809 Cossack charging

M810 Mounted horse artilleryman


Crimean War Artillery 800 series

A801 British 9 Pdr. Cannon

A802 British Gunner, sponge

A803 British Gunner, handspike

A804 British Gunner, port fire

A805 Russian cannon

A806 Russian gunner, sponge

A807 Russian gunner, portfire

A808 British Horse gunner, portfire

A809 British Horse gunner, sponge

A810 British Horse gunner, handspike

A811 British Horse gunner, seated


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