Peter Laing 15mm Samurai

M9001 Mounted Samurai


A good source of Peter Laing Samurai ID is John The Wargame Hermit’s post here:

Screenshot for ID. Original picture copyright: John The Wargame Hermit blog

F9001 Ashigaru archer

F9002 Ashigaru arquebusier

F9003 Ashigaru Spearman with Jingasa hat

F9004 Ashigaru standard bearer – possible ID

F9005 Ashigaru arquebusier with jingasa

F9006 Ashigaru spearman with jingasa

F9007 Ashigaru standard bearer with jingasa

F9008 Warrior monk – see our possible ID for F9011

F9009 Dismounted Samurai

F9010 Seated Samurai commander

F9011 Samurai Ronin with Naginata polearm – possible ID

F9012 Peasant spearman marching

F9013 Peasant woman

F9014 Peasant kneeling planting rice

F9015 Peasant porter


M9001 Mounted Samurai


A9001 Samurai cannon

A9002 Samurai gunner


John at The Wargame Hermit blog has sample figure packets for some of the Samurai range – screenshots shown above.


Another of my job lot finds may be Laing, may be Samurai?

Left- Samurai? Middle ACW Keli infantry advancing, right Renaissance pikeman?