Peter Laing WW1 – Foot figures

Extension range for WW1 and Russian Civil War

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Early war / Pre Steel helmet era – F701-F728, M701-M706, A702-A711

F701 British Infantry marching

F702 British infantry advancing

F703 Highlander advancing

F704 British officer marching

F705 British Vickers MG and gunner

F706 British MG loader


F707 French infantry advancing

F708 French infantry firing

F709 French officer marching

F710 Belgian Carabinier marching

F711 Belgian Carabinier Cyclist


German with spiked pickelhaube helmets

F712 German infantry marching

F713 German infantry firing

F714 German officer marching

F715 German MG and gunner

F716 German MG loader


F717 Three British Infantry dug in firing.


F718 French MG and gunner

F719 French MG loader

F720 French Chausseur d’Alpin advancing

F721 French colonial Turco advancing


F722 Belgian infantry (kepi) advancing

F723 British infantry standing firing

F724 British Infantry lying firing

F725 French infantry lying firing


F726 German jaeger advancing

F727 German infantry lying firing

F728 German infantry advancing


S.H. Steel helmet era, mid to late War

F729 British infantry advancing, steel helmet

F730 British officer, steel helmet

F731 British infantry throwing grenade, steel helmet

F732 British Lewis gunner, steel helmet

F733 British MG and gunner, steel helmet

F734 British MG loader, steel helmet


F735 US Infantry advancing, steel helmet

F736 US officer, steel helmet


F737 French infantry advancing, steel helmet

F738 French officer, steel helmet

F739 French MG and gunner, steel helmet

F740 French MG loader, steel helmet

F741 French light machine gun and gunner, steel helmet

F742 French infantry throwing grenade, steel helmet


F743 German infantry advancing, steel helmet

F744 German officer, steel helmet

F745 German infantry throwing grenade, steel helmet

F746 German MG and gunner, steel helmet

F747 German MG loader, steel helmet

These steel helmet figures also work well enough as WW2 German infantry.


Middle East campaigns

F748-F758 M710-M713, A723-A726

F748 British infantry advancing, Tropical helmet

F749 British officer, Tropical helmet


F750 Anzac infantry advancing, Slouch hat

F751 Anzac officer, Slouch hat

F752 Anzac MG and gunner

F753 Anzac MG loader


F754 Turkish infantry advancing

F755 Turkish infantry officer

F756 Turkish MG and gunner

F757 Turkish MG loader


F758 Bedouin infantry advancing


German Colonial, Russian, Austrian and Italian forces

F759 Russian infantry advancing

F760 Russian officer – Officer figure can also be seen on this blog post

F761 Russian MG and gunner

F762 Russian MG loader


F763 German Schutztruppe infantry advancing

F764 German Schutztruppe officer

F765 German seaman advancing

F766 German Askari advancing

F767 Native bearer


F768 Austrian / Italian infantry advancing

F769 Austrian/ Italian officer

F770 Italian Bersaglieri advancing

F771 Italian Bersaglieri officer

F772 Italian Alpini infantry advancing

F773 Italian Alpini officer

F774 Austrian MG and gunner

F775 Austrian MG loader


F776 Serbian infantry advancing

F777 Serbian officer

F778 Montenegran infantry


F779 British general

F780 French general

F781 German general


Russian Civil War and additions to WW1 range

F782 Soviet infantry advancing pointed cap

F783 Soviet officer advancing, pointed cap

F784a Soviet Machine Gun and gunner, pointed cap

F784b Soviet Machine Gun loader, pointed cap

F785 Soviet infantry advancing, fur cap

F786 Soviet officer, fur cap

F787a Soviet Machine Gun and gunner, fur cap

F788 Soviet armed worker advancing

F789 Soviet civilian commissar

F790 Soviet sailor advancing

F791 Soviet ski trooper, fur cap


F792 Frei Korps infantry advancing

F793 Frei Korps officer

F794a Frei Korps Machine Gun and gunner

F794b Frei Korps Machine Gun loader


F795 Polish infantry advancing

F796 Finnish ski trooper


F797 Japanese infantry advancing

F798 Japanese officer

F799a Japanese Machine Gun and gunner

F799b Japanese Machine Gun loader


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