Peter Laing WW2

“At platoon level … these items … give a most satisfactory infantry action game.”

This range covers, British, US and German infantry figures at platoon level. These items used in conjunction with John Mitchell’s card building sheets, or other buildings, give a most satisfactory infantry action game.

15mm Peter Laing Late WW1 steel helmet figures work well as WW2 Germans This small range could have been ‘Flames of War’ (see the Tim’s Tanks blog post on WW2) well before its time, being possibly some of the first 15mm WW2 figures?

I only bought a few Peter Laing WW2 sample figures (the four above) as a youngster in the mid 80s, but eventually stuck to using my WW2 collection of 20mm OOHO Airfix figures, vehicles and terrain. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

March 1977 Wargamers Newsletter 180 – the WW2 troops have arrived!
WW2 veteran tankie Donald Featherstone described them here: “ideal for platoon action wargames in Western Europe or 1 for 1 games … all depicting a remarkable degree of reality for their size”.

My Peter Laing WW2 force are now bulked out with what few Laing WW2 figures I have found online and suitable steel helmet Peter Laing figures from WW1.

John Mitchell’s building sheets can be found on another page on this blog.

Click on the links below to see the figures


F2001 British rifleman advancing

F2002 British infantry officer

F2003 British infantry sten gunner

F2004 British infantry bren gunner</

F2005 British infantry 2 inch mortar man

F2006 British Infantry Ammo Carrier

see the Tim’s Tanks blog post on WW2 figures (link below)


F2007 US rifleman advancing

F2008 US infantry officer

F2009 US infantry Thompson machine gunner

F2010 US infantry Browning Automatic Rifle B.A.R.

F2011 US infantry 60mm mortar man

F2012 US Infantry Ammo Carrier

See Tim’s Tanks blogpost showing the US infantry (which can also be converted to British Airborne / Paras)

John P The Wargame Hermit’s Blog showing British, US and German Infantry figure samples straight out of the numbered Laing sample packets


F2013 German rifleman advancing

F2014 German infantry officer

F2015 German infantry sub machine gunner

F2016 German infantry light machine gunner

F2017 German infantry 50mm mortar man

F2018 German Infantry Ammo Carrier


Other WW2 conversions

WW1 pith helmet Tommy into Desert Rat of WW2. From this WW1 figure …

F748 British Infantry Advancing, Tropical helmet – conversion into this Desert Rat :

The tropical helmet filed down more gives a good basic Desert Rat.

WW1 German infantry roughly repainted into Afrika Korps WW2

Peter Laing WW2 related blog posts

Tim’s Tanks is one of the most comprehensive sites for WW2 Peter Laing figures, with some good conversions of US infantry to British Paras, some unique Peter Laing artillery items, some memories of meeting working Peter Laing and Tim’s own unique but short lived prototype 15mm WW2 vehicle range.

Russians anyone?

Russian WW1 and Russian Civil War figures are well covered but surprisingly or oddly Peter Laing never made WW2 Russians in his small WW2 range. This would have added the WW2 Eastern Front which may have greatly extended the range and sales. Another Peter Laing ‘what if?’

WW2 US infantry advancing F2007 converted into … Russian infantry!

John Patrinquin the Wargames Hermit blog in the USA simply and cleverly converted Peter Laing US infantry figures into Russian greatcoat figures from WW2

WW2 US infantry F2009 Thompson machine gunner converted into … Russians!


Peter Laing WW2 Skirmish Games

My October 2016 skirmish game with Peter Laing and a few other 15mm joblot figures – WW1/ 2 German Steel helmet infantry face A744 WW1 British sappers