Peter Laing 15mm Medieval

This was the second range I collected after my ECW armies. I still have those colourful knights and peasants and sheep!


F901 Longbowman shooting

F902 Longbowman marching

F903 Man at Arms marching

F904 Man at Arms standing, spear

F905 Crossbowman shooting

F906 Crossbowman loading

F907 Dismounted knight, sword

Photo / post coming

F908 Dismounted knight, glaive

Photo / post coming

F909 Handgunner firing

F910 Dismounted knight, axe

Photo / post coming

F911 Standing Scottish spearman

Photo / post coming

F912 Kneeling Scottish spearman

F913 Priest with cross

F914 Advancing spearman


Pins for spears supplied with F911, F912, F914


F915 Dismounted herald

F916 Slinger

F917 Mongol infantry spearman

F918 Mongol Foot archer

F919 Peasant with pitchfork

F920 Peasant with scythe


Good selection of Medieval figures in their Laing sample packets with ID numbers on John The Wargaming Hermit’s blog post here:


Mounted 900 Range

M901 Mounted knight (lance, caparison)

M902 Charging knight (lance, caparison)

M903 Charging knight, sword

M904 Mounted knight (mace, caparison)

M905 Mounted knight, war hammer

M906 Mounted archer

M907 Mounted man at arms

M908 Mounted herald


M909 Mongol Khan

M910 Mongol heavy cavalry

M911 Mongol light cavalry

M912 Mongol horse archer

M913 Mongol mounted standard


Artillery A900

A901 Small bombard

A902 Cannon on elevating mount

A903 Cannon on fixed mount

A904 Kneeling gunner

Photo / post coming

A905 Standing gunner

Photo / post coming

A906 Ladder carrier

A907 Ladder (F516 carrier – ECW Dragoon horse holder)

A908 Man for climbing ladder

A909 Battering ram

A910 Battering ram crew – two required

A911 Trebuchet

** Siege equipment can be seen here on John the Wargame Hermit’s site:

A912 Siege Tower – 12 part kit

A913 Row of six stakes

A914 Mantlet for archer

A915 Mantlet for Cannon A901/903

A916 Sow or Cat

A917 Wagon castle

A918 Pavisse

A919 Mongol camel drummer

A920 Pack camel

and the very special versatile Peter Laing sheep:

A921 Sheep standing

A922 Sheep grazing