Peter Laing 15mm Marlburian

The very first range produced by Peter Laing, advertised in Military Modelling in October 1972. Possibly the first ever 15 mm figures produced?

Finely painted by Alec Green (his photo) Left. F121 Grenadier advancing, Right. F122 Private advancing. This shows the pairings of this first Peter Laing range well – one pose for Grenadier, same pose for private with tricorne hat.

A similar pairing exists for many ‘standing’ range of figures with a ‘marching’ or advancing equivalent.

These Marlburian figures were originally made by Peter Laing for diorama makers as well as wargamers – see first advert above.


F101 Grenadier marching

F102 Private marching

F103 Hautboy marching

F104 Drummer marching

F105 Standard bearer marching

F106 Officer, half pike marching (with spontoon)

F107 Grenadier sergeant standing (with halberd)

F108 Grenadier firing

F109 Private firing

F110 Grenadier standing

F111 Private standing

F112 Drummer standing

F113 Standard bearer standing

F114 Officer, half pike standing (spontoon)

F115 Sergeant marching (with halberd)

F116 Sergeant standing (with halberd)

F117 Grenadier drummer marching

F118 Grenadier drummer standing

F119 Grenadier lighting grenade

F120 Grenadier throwing grenade

F121 Grenadier advancing –

see colour photo by Alec Green above

F122 Private advancing

see colour photo by Alec Green above

F123 Grenadier kneeling

F124 Private kneeling



M101 Mounted dragoon, musket slung

M102 Mounted dragoon, musket port

M103 Mounted Officer

M104 Draught horse walking

M105 Charging cavalry

M106 Mounted drummer

M107 Mounted trumpeter

M108 Draught horse standing

M109 Bavarian cuirassier

M110 Pack mule

M111 Horse grenadier



A101 Gunner with wheelbarrow

A102 Gunner, sponge horizontal

A103 Gunner, handspike

A104 Gunner, port fire

A105 Gunner, sponge vertical

A106 Drover

A107 6 Pdr cannon

A108 Limber

A109 Pioneer, pick

A110 Pioneer, shovel

A111 Tumbrel cart

A112 Muleteer

A113 Powder Cart

A114 Gunner with Barrel

A115 Pontoon

A116 Howitzer

A117 Pontoon Waggon

A118 24 pdr. Siege cannon

A119 Gunner with bucket

A120 Gunner with cannon ball

A121 Mortar

A122 4 Wheel Mortar Cart

A123 4 Wheel Baggage Cart

A124 Gabion

A125 Pile of large cannon balls

A126 Pile of small cannon balls

A127 “Piled arms” (muskets, rifles)

A128 Galloper battalion gun