Peter Laing 15mm American Civil War and Indian Wars

Useful ‘dual use’ items from the colonial and AWI ranges

The figures

Click on the links to see pictures of the figures, either painted or unpainted

F3001 Dismounted cavalry advancing, hat

F3002 Infantry marching, hat

F3003 Horse holder / Muleteer, hat

F3004 Officer advancing, hat

F3005 Settler marching

F3006 Female settler

F3007 Indian with bow, firing

F3008 Indian war bonnet, tomahawk

F3009 Infantry advancing, kepi

F3010 Infantry advancing, hat

F3011 Officer advancing, kepi

F3012 ‘Butternut’ infantry advancing

F3013 Drummer, Kepi

F3014 Standard bearer, kepi

F3015 Drummer (hat)

F3016 Standard bearer (hat)

F3017 Dismounted General

F3018 Squaw


Peter Laing Indian Wars figures painted and sold by John Mitchell (photo courtesy of Alec Green) Buffalo A3007, M3007 Indian with bow, charging; M3008 Indian with rifle, charging; M3009 Indian, spear, charging; F3007 Indian with bow, firing.


M3001 Cavalry (hat) horse walking

M3002 Cavalry (hat) horse charging

M3003 Cavalry horse without rider

M3004 Cavalry (hat) standard bearer

M3005 Cavalry (hat) trumpeter

M3006 Mounted Indian scout

M3007 Indian, bow, charging

M3008 Indian, rifle, charging

M3009 Indian, spear, charging

M3010 Cavalry (kepi) horse walking

M3011 Cavalry (kepi) horse charging

M3012 Cavalry (kepi) standard bearer

M3013 Cavalry (kepi)


A beautifully painted 7th Cavalry eBay lot that got away …

M3001 Cavalry (hat) horse walking,

M3005 Cavalry (hat) trumpeter,

M3004 Cavalry (hat) standard bearer


Artillery and Vehicles

A3001 Army covered waggon (kit)

A3002 Settlers covered wagon (kit)

A3003 Field gun

A3004 Standing gunner (hat)

A3005 Gunner, handspike (hat)

A3006 Seated Gatling gunner / driver (hat)

A3007 Buffalo

A3008 Indian travois

A3009 Standing gunner (kepi)

A3010 Gunner, handspike (kepi)


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